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    1. Fourth quarter 2018 Fourth quarter 2018


      05/12/2018 Changes in the Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank AG more
      30/11/2018 Commerzbank Research: No ECB rate hike in 2019 more
      29/11/2018 Commerzbank and Fraunhofer IML set up innovation lab for the future of international export and trade financing more
      08/11/2018 Commerzbank and Societe Generale have signed a Business Purchase Agreement for Commerzbank’s Equity Markets & Commodities business (EMC) more
      08/11/2018 Commerzbank: 9M operating profit of €1 billion and net result of €751 million more
      02/11/2018 Commerzbank with sound result in EBA stress test more
      29/10/2018 Application period for Commerzbank Environmental Internship 2019 starts today more
      19/10/2018 Commerzbank announces plans to automate selected compliance relevant pre-checks in trade finance transaction processing by 2020 more
      16/10/2018 Commerzbank issues inaugural green bond for €500 million more
      11/10/2018 Investment management in transition: new technologies complement traditional advice more